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Virtue Restaurant | Virtue is a Southern American restaurant in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood that promotes a welcoming and helpful atmosphere. We’ve put forth a lot of effort to make this a welcoming, open, and reflective place. We are known for our timely responses, reasonable prices, and lack of pretense. Here at Virtue, we make some classics and some originals using traditional methods and ingredients. A speedy return is anticipated.
None of us could have gotten here on our own. We are tall because of the hard work of our ancestors, both far and near. The ones responsible for our existence and our development. We would have nowhere to dream, nothing to discover, and no goals to pursue if it weren’t for their sacrifices, their dedication to freedom, and their optimism. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude for their diligent advocacy of equal rights.

We appreciate the time and effort put in by those who have forced us to grow through struggle.

We appreciate everyone who has helped us along the way, including our current and past teams, coaches, mentors, investors, creatives, contractors, vendors, friends, and co-heirs of religion. Nothing would have been accomplished without their devotion and sacrifice.

Virtue Restaurant

Virtue Restaurant





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