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Ochie Swim | This area was known as Xamayca, or “land of water and wood,” by the Taino people who inhabited the area before Europeans arrived. After 1494, the Spanish conquerors called this area Las Chorreras, which means “the waterfalls.” After the English conquered the Spanish colony in 1655, they renamed the area Ocho Rios, which literally means “eight rivers” in Spanish. Ochie is the name given to this area by the descendants of African slaves who won their freedom in 1834 and settled here to build a quiet fishing community. The Ochie brand was named after this priceless location and is influenced by the myriad islands that dot the azure waters of the Caribbean. Ochie is committed to making eco-friendly and ethical swimwear and resort wear, and we’re proud to provide you this line. Fabrics are all-natural and sustainable, and the garments are ready-to-wear.

When you think of modern, classic Caribbean beach flair, you think of Ochie. Ochie is designed for the women of the islands, whether they were born there, are just visiting, or are the embodiment of the spirit of the islands itself. Handcrafted to fit women of various sizes, shapes, and proportions, from voluptuous curves to trim waistlines and broad hips, and everything in between. Ochie is stunning in appearance and in comfort as well. A great fit with timeless style, fabric from European mills, luscious custom patterns, and easy-to-wear handwoven accessories come together to make one-of-a-kind beachwear. Soon I’ll be there, Ochie. Eventually, although not right away. Not now, not at all. Do not linger. Relax, it’ll become clear. Be patient. Consume some more. Repeat the song as often as possible. Ochie’s color scheme is reminiscent of the vivid blue sky that shines brightly by day and deep blue at night, the emerald green hills that surround them, the brilliant native flora and wildlife, and the white sand beaches and turquoise bays that line them.

Hana Lloyd | Designer And Creative Director

The notion of “home” is best illuminated by a period of separation. Hana Lloyd is a true Caribbean native, as she was born to a Jamaican father and a Trinidadian mother. Hana realized the value of her native islands after working as a pilot for a big Middle Eastern airline for a long time. She witnessed firsthand how the shared histories of indigenous peoples, Europeans, and Africans have resulted in a rich and welcoming culture that is second to none, all set in a setting of breathtaking natural beauty and abundant resources. Since then, she has devoted herself to the design and creation of the OCHIE label, which she founded in the islands to pay homage to these cherished locations through original silhouettes, carefully sourced materials, and meticulous tailoring.

Ochie Swim

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