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Recreational Habits

Queens, NY.

Recreational Habits | We made Recreational Habits to open up the world of the privileged and their pastimes to those who had been left out in the past. From equitation and golf to hosting and galas, we think everyone should have access to the pleasures of recreational life. Our goal with this new content-based website is to dismantle the implicit bias seen in country clubs and rewrite the rules without shame.

RH’s Editor and Creative Director is Jackie Skye Muller. Jackie combines cosmopolitan sophistication with southern warmth because to her upbringing in Dallas, Texas and her education in New York City. She thinks it’s important to provide people of color with access to outdoor, rustic activities through the RH platform. She feels strongly about giving inner city kids the chance to broaden their education by working with horses and rescuing abandoned animals.

Before joining the team at Kith, Jackie worked as the Associate Fashion Director at Barneys New York.

Marlon Muller, President of Recreational Habits and its subsidiaries, is the company’s male muse. Despite his reputation as an introvert, he makes use of RH to talk about his interests in the equestrian world. Marlon, an African-American who grew up in New York in the 1980s, was profoundly impacted by the city’s culture and history and brings this appreciation to RH’s rural way of life. Because of his background and desire for aesthetically pleasing things and activities, he has a distinct perspective.

Recreational Habits

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