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Unoeth | A Father-Daughter Business

UnoEth (pronounced “one Ethiopia”) is a father-daughter brand that features leather goods manufactured in collaboration with local artisans in Addis Abeba by Dagne Tedla and his daughter Xiomara Rosa-Tedla.

Dagne and Xiomara are two sisters who started a leather bag and accessories company after being inspired by their extensive travels. Both long trips and everyday commutes left the pair yearning for timeless, narrative fashion.

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The truth is that UnoEth began by accident.

Dagne brought a leather messenger bag back from Ethiopia as a present for Xiomara after he went there to see his relatives. Dagne suggested they go into business together after getting so many praises and questions about the bag from friends and strangers alike. Xiomara was reluctant at first since she was preoccupied with her corporate job and her hectic personal life. Soon after, Dagne’s friends and coworkers began asking when he would be returning to Ethiopia so that they could place orders in advance.

In the end, Xiomara decided to jump on the bandwagon after some initial hesitance due to the increasing demand for her leather messenger. She then designed a number of different kinds of bag, and Dagne assisted their current artisan partner in obtaining his export license.

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Since the cooperation and investment of UnoEth with artisans and small businesses in Ethiopia had such a profound effect, the two have made it their mission to spread their business model around the world, one artisan at a time.

Since then, Xiomara and Dagne have collaborated with even more Ethiopian leather workers, Tanzanian jewelers, and Ethiopian cotton weavers.

Dagne contacted Muzeyen to begin working together on our designs before UnoEth even launched. Muzeyen was overjoyed, but he required assistance in securing his export license for leather. Muzeyen was finally able to obtain an export license after jumping through a few hoops and clearing a few hurdles.

Muzeyen began manufacturing for UnoEth immediately after approving prototypes and submitting a buy order, for which he subsequently engaged partner artisans.

Muzeyen currently serves customers from Portugal, Canada, and Italy, among other countries, thanks to the expansion of his workshop and the hiring of additional full- and part-time artisans as well as the purchase of additional machinery and tools.

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