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Shades Of Shade

Charlotte, NC.

Shades Of Shade | Marsha Douglas-Sydnor, the founder of SHADES OF SHADES®, is no stranger to the joyful labor required to bring one’s ideas to fruition; she is, after all, determined, anointed, and chosen with love and light. She was born in Maryland to Jamaican parents and raised in a home where reggae music played constantly. At the age of 11, she got her first job. She went on to become the first member of her family to earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

She moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. She traveled the world. She married the love of her life. She had three children. When everything stopped moving, a greater flame was lit in her soul, and she became not just a survivor and a uniter, but also a creator. That was the starting point for Shades Of Shades®.

Luxury eyewear brand Shades Of Shades® was established on the principle of cooperation. All the varied colours that make up our gorgeous planet deserve equal praise and celebration. Each of us has our own distinct personality, but we’re all human.

-One love

Marsha Douglas-Sydnor,
Shades Of Shades® Founder / CEO

Shades Of Shade

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