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Slim and Husky’s Pizza

Atlanta, GA

Slim and Husky’s Pizza | In 2015, a group of friends in a garage started Slim & Husky’s on the basis of a common dream. The funny moniker originated from an inside joke among the close buddies. One of them has always been on the skinny side, while the other two have grown so large that their mothers have had to buy them clothes from the children’s husky section.

The two Tennessee State University alums opened the pizzeria in North Nashville to provide specialty pizzas and create local employment opportunities. Slim & Husky’s now features a build-your-own pizza option, as well as takeout, catering, and delivery services provided by outside suppliers.

We simply hope to leave as permanent a mark on this street as possible as we grow and expand.

Associate Derrick Moore

Slim and Husky’s Pizza

Slim and Husky's Pizza

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