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Brandon Blackwood

New York, NY.

Brandon Blackwood | A New Groundwork for Us
A nonprofit with the stated mission of fostering creativity and social change among people of color.

What’s Coming Up The Bbf Begins Operations on Juneteenth
By launching the Foundation on Juneteenth, Brandon Blackwood is symbolically joining his cause with the ongoing struggle for freedom, self-determination, and structural reform.

The Whole Truth
Brandon Blackwood, the company’s namesake founder and CEO, understands the value of building a network of support for people of color in the creative industries. Brandon created the ESR tote in 2020 to address the need for social and civil rights equity.

Brandon’s mission for the Foundation is to assist creatives in achieving success and people of color in paying it forward via changing the world. This vision stems from his upbringing in a family that reinforced the notion that one’s ultimate legacy is one’s service to humanity.

Brandon Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood Bags Black-owned

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