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Anima Iris | A modern brand that draws inspiration and strength from its foremothers, Anima Iris is named after Wilglory’s mother, Iris Tsamoh, and Wilglory’s closest childhood friend, Sarah Yaa Anima Amoyaw. Africa’s vibrant past is reflected in our pieces, from the palm oil reds of traditional Cameroonian Bamileke cloth to the notable geometric shapes of Ghana’s Kente.

Made by Hand in Africa
The skilled artisans of Dakar, Senegal, handcraft each and every item in the Anima Iris collection. With centuries of African craftsmanship at their fingertips, our artisans add a final touch to one-of-a-kind works that is unmatched in quality and detail. Our leathers are sourced in small quantities, and we work with local Senegalese business owners to get them. To keep our word on environmental responsibility, we employ a zero-waste strategy across the board throughout production. This guarantees that no two works are ever identical and that no resources are ever wasted.

Radiant and Brave
We are an ever-evolving, emotive, and ornate brand that has never been afraid to display the vibrant colors of our diverse heritage; our name comes from a Cameroonian national and a second-generation Ghanaian. Anima Iris challenges the status quo in a society where muted leathers and regulated social conventions are the norm. It represents the ladies that wear it: they are fearless, confident, and expressive. The Anima Iris woman is the leader because she holds tightly to her history while also having a firm grasp on her future.

Anima Iris

Anima Iris

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