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SWAV Eyewear Entrepreneur Isiah Fowler is building his vision of spreading empowerment through SWAV Eyewear – the world’s first Black-owned inspirational eyewear company that offers high-quality, eco-friendly sunglasses hand-crafted in Greece. Each pair has an inspirational quote engraved on the inside of the temples as a reminder to never give up on the vision.
Isiah started the company in 2018 and says the purpose behind the brand is critical now more than ever, given today’s social climate.

SWAV Eyewear Will Fight

“With everything going on right now, it’s so easy to get distracted emotionally. The fight against injustice and discrimination is bigger than ever, and we need that focus now more than ever as well,” he explained. “We can never let hate take our focus away from building our own empires. That’s why our frames have ‘stay the course’ engraved on them. Everything in life starts with a vision, but for the vision to come to fruition, we have to keep sight of our focus no matter what. The opposition wins if we don’t keep going.”

The line also includes eyewear cases to help customers protect their investment in the sunglasses and their vision for themselves.

About SWAV Eyewear

The inspiration for the brand came in 2011 when Isiah was diagnosed with malaria as a U.S. Airman. Surviving the illness changed his perspective on life and inspired him to make impacting the world his full-time career.

In 2016, he created a podcast called Starts With A Vision, which he eventually decided to turn into a luxury brand. His search for a high-quality manufacturer led him to Greece, after which he launched the first official collections for the brand in 2018.

SWAV Eyewear is meant to motivate, inspire, and empower goal-oriented, passionate, and driven visionaries to achieve absolute greatness. It starts with a vision, and SWAV Eyewear continues the vision by investing a portion of its sales into their Visionary Investment Fund that makes disbursements to other ambitious visionaries each quarter.

“I wanted to create something that was deeper than just a product. I wanted to change lives. This kind of thinking is how you change the world. It all starts with a vision.”

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