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Cloth & Paper

Richmond, VA

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a paper enthusiast, pen hoarder, and notebook collector. My now-husband recommended that I liquidate some of my collection before we moved in together after we were engaged since it had gotten out of hand. Seven years later, he had no idea that his life would revolve on planners, pens, paper, and gold foil.

Cloth & Paper was founded in 2015 out of sheer desperation. After nine years, I decided to leave my corporate position and start thinking about what I wanted to do next professionally. When I went shopping for a new planner, I couldn’t find one that satisfied my minimalist tastes and requirements. That was the start of my investigation into the paper trail.

I have spent several days and nights doing my own graphic design from start in order to create my own planner inserts. Soon after, a thriving stationery company emerged, and the collection expanded to feature leather planners, high-end pens, and other classic accessories. I tested my mettle as a business owner by running C&P on my own for the first 18 months. I’m still leading the creative charge in Richmond, Virginia, where I’m based, as the chief designer (aka the brains behind the operation).

Cloth & Paper

Cloth & Paper

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