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Positivity Alkaline Water

Atlanta, Georgia.

Positivity Alkaline Water is an exclusive premium-bottled water experience. Every drop of Positivity is fused with positive electrolytes and each sip restores pH balance. Positivity Alkaline Water is created to refresh your outlook on life, restore your body, and renew your mind.

Positivity Alkaline has a 9.5+ pH level in a Grab-N-Go 700mL bottle. Consumers can enjoy a refreshing taste of the Smoky Mountains water infused with electrolytes for a positively GREAT TASTE.

Positivity Alkaline Water LLC is a subsidiary of StarWalker Industries, Inc., whose mission is to establish a closed loop bottling facility. More information on StarWalker Industries can be found here. In furtherance if StarWalker Industries’ mission, Positivity pays $0.20 per bottle return to keep our bottles in the plastic steam loop.

Positivity Alkaline Water

Positivity Alkaline Water

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