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The Good Water Co.

Gardena, CA.

The Good Water Co. | We were fortunate enough to connect with Marcel Nash, and the transcript of our chat with him is included below.

Hello, Marcel! Why did you decide to establish your own business instead of working for someone else?
Around 2016–2017 is when I first started thinking about the possibility of starting The Good Water Co. I had grown weary of the constant expense of purchasing cases of bottled water. Due to the fact that I am an avid recycler but am constantly on the go, the bottles would wind up heaped in the backseat of my car. Each bottle had its own flavor, which seemed strange to me from the beginning. Therefore, I started exploring for a method of obtaining water that had a better taste and was more cost effective. This led to the purchase of my first BPA-Free 5 gallon container, as well as the discovery of a water business that was knowledgeable about their product and had a product that I liked and trusted. After some time, I found that I was increasingly curious about the business practices and financial outcomes of the various stores. Also, why didn’t more black people put their money into something that was so important like a water store? While I was saving for four years, I conducted intermittent research on the management of water storage facilities. As soon as the pandemic began spreading, I was fired from my job in sales, and I took it as a sign that it was time for me to try my hand at being my own boss. I used the money that I was actually setting up for the down payment on a house in order to take a leap of faith and dive headfirst into the search for a location for my very own water shop.

Could you please elaborate on your company for the benefit of those members of our community who might not be familiar with its existence?
The notion that eventually became The Good Water & Market was initially conceived by me as a means of evading the monotony of my typical working life. That notion eventually materialized into my wanting to grow into being of service to a town I spent so much time in, and it has since spiraled into a place where both I and my father can hold our heads high and be proud of what we’ve accomplished there.

It was challenging to get things started. Developing a detailed strategy for beginning a new business venture is always a simple task. When I didn’t have the money nor the time to do it, it seemed like such an easy thing to accomplish, but when I finally got the money and the time to do it, I felt terrified. I had finally amassed sufficient funds to place a wager on myself, and all that could enter my mind was the terrifying possibility that my plan would fail.

I took the plunge after saying a lot of prayers, giving myself a lot of pep talks, receiving assistance and support from my father, and receiving acknowledgement from my mother.

As soon as I located the property in September 2021, my father and I began the process of renovating the unit and bringing it up to a quality that would make it conducive to conducting business there. However, we ran into various problems along the way. From the property being in shambles to my financial resources diminishing more quickly than I could have ever anticipated, everything is falling apart. Making a number of errors along the way that resulted in significant losses but ultimately resulted in beneficial education.

After only half a year, this concept has established itself as a mainstay in the community, and I couldn’t be more pleased with its success. When it comes to running a company, my father and I now have a place where we can hang out together and increase the amount of expertise and knowledge we have in the field. We are a proud black-owned company that provides both alkaline and purified water to our customers. Our containers come in a variety of BPA-free plastics, glass, and environmentally responsible materials. Our objective is to ensure the continued success of minority-owned businesses. Through ongoing efforts to maintain a focus on the community. In addition, we feature goods from regional markets wherever possible within our establishment. All of the things are displayed in a rotating manner, and they all serve as an excellent example of minority business ownership. The goal is to establish a setting in which small companies run by minorities can exhibit their wares and provide a venue through which customers can buy those wares. We intend to engage in cross-promotion and maintain a steady flow of commercial and financial resources throughout all of our disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Do you have any recommendations for our readers regarding restaurants or activities they would enjoy? Where should they take a friend who is in town from out of town if they want to show them a good time?
I’m just a plain old man. Eating, riding my Harley, and cycling are three of my favorite things to do. The first stop on the excursion would naturally be at The Good Water & Market, where we would pick up some alkaline water before continuing our journey. I need to get out of the house and go for a hike in Palos Verdes, which is the ideal way for me to start the day and has developed into nearly a regular ritual for me. After that, we’d head back and get back on the Harleys, and on the way, we would stop at a bar in Manhattan Beach to get a drink, or we might head to a brewery to get a beer and relax for a while. It’s always more fun when you have a friend to roll with you, and I can take a spin along the coast on my Harley if anyone wants to join me. I don’t go out very often these days, but if I do, I want to go somewhere that has ice cream like salt and straw, an arcade or a pool table, a decent playlist with oldies or R&B for some background music, and a crowd that’s fun to be around. I’m a believer! You can always count on me to pick up on the vibe of the room.

The point of a shoutout is to call attention to other people who, in your opinion, should have more public visibility and acknowledgment. Who is it that you want to give a shoutout to?
My father and my uncle are deserving of the credit, without a doubt. In 2017, my uncle R. Lee lost his battle with cancer and passed away. They were the cause of my decision to enter the sea. They performed extensive research on everything that they did, and once my uncle became ill, they began following alkaline diets and drinking alkaline water. Because of that, I decided to start paying more attention to the food that I put into my body. Therefore, I have no choice but to give credit where credit is due to those two people for providing me with that original inspiration.

The Good Water Co.

The Good Water Co.

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