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Hairbrella | Imagine a world where forecast fear is replaced by fierce confidence. A world where women are free to conquer the day without the possibility of scattered showers. A world where raindrops on the proverbial glass ceiling don’t deter us from shattering it.

As a child, I imagined that world every time I watched the clouds cover my Southwest Atlanta hair salon. Women of all ages would scramble in search of an umbrella, newspaper, or plastic bag at the first sign of rain to protect their investment of time and money. As I progressed from undergrad to law school and eventually landed at a Fortune 500 company, I saw this problem affect women from all walks of life. I searched the web for a solution that combined fashion and function to no avail and eventually I took matters into my own hands. After years of trial and error, Hairbrella was born, not out of vanity but out of necessity. Out of my desire to provide my tribe of mothers, sisters, and femme friends with a weapon they could wield against whatever the weather might bring.

Now, the Hairbrella family is blossoming into a global community. The launch of our Kids and Unisex styles have expanded our reach even more and we welcome everyone with open arms. In the midst of the pandemic, we launched The Hairbrella Pro to offer additional protection to essential workers and everyday people alike. I understand now more than ever that we’re in this together and progress is a shared mission. Our hair is our glory, not our stumbling block. Our coils are crowns of courage, not fear. Our problems are the key to our purpose  and no storm can stand in our way. My hope is that Hairbrella keeps you fearless in any forecast. No cloud in the sky can stop your light from shining so go forward in style and strength knowing that we’ve got you covered!

Rain or shine,

Tracey Pickett, Founder and Inventor



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