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Crabman 305 | The Atlanta location of Crabman 305, a popular seafood restaurant in Miami, will be located at 171 Auburn Avenue, between Piedmont Avenue and Jesse Hill Jr. Drive in the city’s central business district.

The restaurant serves a variety of seafood but is known for its crab, lobster, and conch dishes. We have conch fritters, conch salad, and fried conch on the menu. Tony Trotter, who will oversee operations in the new Atlanta location, boasts, “We make your conch however you want it.”

Trotter claims that both the Miami and Atlanta locations are otherwise identical, with only the decor being noticeably different. Crabman 305 in Miami only does takeout, but the Atlanta location will be a full-service restaurant with plenty of seats, including (fingers crossed) some outdoor options. “There’s a lot of talk about us,” Trotter says. The future of Crabman 305 is bright in Atlanta, where many people have moved from Miami.

Crabman 305 has been much anticipated, but its opening date is still a few months away. Trotter is now obtaining the necessary permits and will shortly begin working with an interior designer to create the restaurant’s ambiance. Prepare your bellies for a heaping dish of conch and check back in a month or two for more information and an opening date.

Crabman 305

Crabman 305

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