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Chef Kiesha

Bayonne, NJ.

Chef Kiesha

All Menu Items except entrees are served in full size pans and will feed 15-20 ppl. Entrees will
feed 10-12 ppl.

Fresh Fruit Table Arrangement or Platter $160
Shrimp Cocktail (served chilled) $90
Fresh Veggie Platter $100
Spring Rolls $120
Empanadas (Beef, Chicken, Turkey) $80
Seafood Dip
Hand Crafted Beet, Turkey, or Chicken Meatballs (gravy, tomato sauce, glazed, teriyaki
Small Grazing Board (an assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables, assorted cheese, nuts, and
cold cuts, and sliced rolls) $100
Fried or Grilled Chicken Skewers $85
Grilled Shrimp Skewers $120

Seafood Salad $120
Macaroni Salad $60
Potato Salad $60
Tossed Garden Salad $60
Classic Caesar Salad w fresh Parmesan cheese and croutons $50

Shrimp (Fried/Grilled) (garlic butter, honey garlic, Teriyaki jerk, garlic Parmesan) $100
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Filet (tried/grilled) same flavors as shrimp 4$200
Deep Fried Catfish Fillet $140
Deep Fried Whiting Fish $90
Sautéed Mussels $ 100 (white wine & garlic or tomato & herb sauce over pasta)
Sautéed Clams $90 (white wine & garlic or tomato & herb sauce over pasta)

  • Creamy Crab Stuffed Salmon $210
    Lobster Tails (fried/grilled) (flavors available: garlic butter, cream Alfredo)
    Garlic Butter Snow Crab Legs (Market Price)
    Grilled Sliced Tenderloin Steak
    Deep Fried Wings (plain fried, sticky, bbq, teriyaki, Buffalo, honey garlic, garlic parm) $90
    Country Fried Chicken (Mixed Pieces) same flavors as Deep Fried Wings $100
    Oxtails $225

Chef Kiesha

Chef Kiesha

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