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Cakes by Rae | My relationship with baking is one that has never changed. My late grandmother used to create enormous cakes in the lambeth manner, and I have fond memories of helping her in the kitchen. One of my earliest and fondest memories is licking the frosting off the cake. My grandma’s death was the impetus I needed to devote myself to baking and becoming a cake master. Prior to then, I had never been able to master the technique of sugar decorating cakes.

In 2008, my stepfather, the great Chef Keilan Niles, passed away, and I began learning from him. It was his enthusiasm for cooking that invited me to join him there. As a hobby, I started working as a confectionery artist by selling chocolate-covered strawberries from my college dorm kitchen. I started off as an Occupational Therapy major at Tuskegee University before transferring to the Fine Arts program at Georgia State University. My interest in sugar art is the result of a combination of my artistic training and the legacy of my baking-obsessed ancestors.

Baking, rather than being a routine task, is an event that engages all of one’s senses in preparation for a delicious meal.

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Cakes by Rae

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