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Bamboo Walk is the first and only drive-thru Caribbean restaurant in all of northeastern America, in addition to offering fine dining, intimate cabana dining, a rich take out menu, and a unique ambiance. Paula Mercure, a Jamaican immigrant and current Baldwin resident, created Bamboo Walk by a stroke of heavenly inspiration.

In May of 2020, not long after the beginning of the epidemic, Paula received a vision for Bamboo Walk in the form of a word from God. Paula, who was on a spiritual fast, was in Florida at the time. Not only did God tell her to make this perfect dwelling, but He also gave her the address: 1343 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Paula Mercurie
It makes sense that Paula would receive a vision like this. She grew up with a mother who is, and always has been, a master chef, with an uncanny knack for blending and enhancing flavors in the kitchen. Her mother, Lorna Taylor, now works alongside the world-renowned Executive Chef Dexter Royes.

The food, drinks, and decor of Bamboo Walk have earned it a reputation as one of the best Caribbean restaurants in the world. Bamboo Walk’s customer service is second to none, earning it comparisons to a “diamond in the rough” by some. The food is what sets it apart from other similar places; it’s a fusion of Jamaican and Haitian flavors that surprises and delights visitors.

Paula, who was born in Jamaica, is backed in this endeavor by her husband Pierre Mercure, who was born and raised on the island of Haiti. This mingling of cultures extends beyond the economic and culinary spheres to the marital sphere as well. The coalition in Haiti did not, however, stop there. Sherlie Valentin, Guy Pierre Toussaint, and Wilder Guirrer are also significant investors in Bamboo Walk.

What Bamboo Walk sells isn’t the only reason we’re celebrating it today. Women have faced economic and educational inequity for centuries, and this problem persists today. But here we are today, witnessing the fruits of a woman’s labor—a woman of color’s labor, no less—who managed to juggle a successful professional life with that of a wife and mother of three.

Black immigrants and college-educated professionals pooled their finances and labor to make Bamboo Walk a reality. Not only did we have faith in ourselves, but also in God’s promise that we could do it. For the past year, I’ve wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who has shown me support.

Bamboo Walk Restaurant

Bamboo Walk Restaurant New York Black Owned

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