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Soon, Toledo will have the first black-owned barber college

Soon, Toledo will have the first black-owned barber college

OHIO’S TOLEDO (WTVG) – In the following month, students will be able to enroll at the Byrne rd. and Glendale. barber college, the first of its kind in the 419 and owned by black people.
The creator of Toledo Barber College, Antwaun Turner, is pleased with how far the institution has come since it was just a notion in his head.

Turner claims that he enjoys the attention he has received, but that is not why he took action.
“It’s not really about me being the first, I mean that’s all accolades and stats,” Turner remarked. A more accurate statement would be, “It’s more about the bigger picture of trying to get someone involved in this world.”
Turner believes that studying the barbering trade could help turn around the lives of certain young people in the city given the prevalence of youth violence there.
If you’re even remotely interested, we should chat. Visit the school and we may have a chat. “I’m here to help you get out of it if you want to,” Turner says. To paraphrase, “It’s not the answer, but it’s a hell of a start and it will help out.”
According to him, barbers are their own bosses, which is why his school focuses on developing both barbering and business skills in its students.

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