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Ujamaa Lighting | LED lighting is popular now because it uses less power, lasts longer, and can illuminate a wider area. Even though light bulbs are a commodity, Ujamaa Lighting hopes to provide a fresh perspective to the market. Ujamaa Lighting, formerly known as Umoja Lighting, was established in June 2019 and provides LED lighting solutions for homes, businesses, and factories. The needs of our buyers are constantly in mind during every stage of production. We guarantee that our products will be the most reasonably priced, dependable, and long-lasting options available to you.

Ujamaa treats each customer like a member of the family. Home sweet home!


The term “Ujamaa” comes from the Swahili language. The concept of “extended family” is at the heart of this word, as is the idea of fostering individual and collective economic success in order to better one’s community.

Our company’s goal is straightforward: to provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective lighting solutions that will endure for years while consuming minimal energy.


To provide the illumination that enhances the significance of life’s milestones.

Ujamaa Lighting

Ujamaa Lighting




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