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Render Goddess Real Name Danielle Benton currently resides in Winston Salem, North Carolina.
Danielle B., 31 years of age, is currently a passionate, self-taught 3D Artist of 13 years. Her artistic creativity ranges from original characters to fan art. She’s very big on making unique Black dimensional art to show representation within the art realm. Her inspiration to create her pieces literally stems from any and everywhere.

LIKES: video games, figurines, comics, food, certain anime, Black spaces, my pets, art, plants, torturing my boyfriend, new tire smells, music, reality television.

DISLIKES: sweet potato fries, Darius Cook’s forehead, slugs, loud mufflers, headassery, NFT pushers, pineapple pizza, habitual liars, people who stand too close in line.

All in all, I’m just a dope Black woman creating these renders from the corner of my cozy bedroom while I listen to music or have a show or a stream playing in the background. Nothing special to it except my imagination and my love for representation

  • Tools: Daz Studio, ZBrush and Photoshop.
  • I’ve been a digital artist for 14 years and decent to highly skilled in other digital fields such as Photoshop, graphic art, HTML and animation. My art ranges from fan art to OCs to whatever else I conjure up.
  • I’m self taught.
  • My inspiration stems from everywhere. Could be from your mama too.
  • These are renders, NOT COSPLAYS.
  • I don’t mind anyone reposting anywhere, but PLEASE credit me.


If you love my content and wanna show your appreciation a lil further, you can tip me at:


Render Goddess

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