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Peaches 2 Peaches

New York, NY.

Peaches 2 Peaches | I was born and raised in the Big Apple, although my ancestry is from the South and the Caribbean. My passion for serving others, especially kids, motivated me to earn a Master of Social Work degree. Right now, being a wife and mother to my lovely husband and two children is my first priority.

I was taught to cook and bake by my mother and grandmother, and now I find it fascinating that my son shares this interest. I have high hopes that my future daughter will. In my quest to provide the best for my family, I frequently research alternative versions of tried-and-true dishes and household goods. Therefore, I’ve decided to name this site “Peaches 2 Peaches.”

Apples to apples is a common expression, but I’m using this one to honor my grandma. Her pound cake and, more specifically, her southern peach cobbler, became legendary. I remember being a kid and watching her make peach turnovers from scratch, complete with hand-rolled dough and freshly peeled and sliced peaches tossed in cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and other spices. Every time the peach cobbler came out of the oven, I had to have a bite or two while it cooled. When I bake, I think about my grandmother.

In this blog, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of various baking and culinary ingredients, as well as share and compare my own recipes for yummy treats. Come with me on this adventure, and we will have a blast!


Peaches 2 Peaches

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