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NOPSI Hotel | The history of NOPSI is as rich and as storied as New Orleans itself. Constructed during the Roaring Twenties, the iconic property has evolved over its 100-plus years to deliver luxurious modern-day conveniences with plenty of Jazz Age style. Fast-forward to present day and the former headquarters of the New Orleans Public Service Inc. stands as a living American treasure and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and a member of Historic Hotels of America.

NOPSI Hotel 1920’s

The Roaring Twenties was a decade defined by flappers, radio empires, the Art Deco movement and rapid technological advancements. NOPSI gleans its name from the acronym for New Orleans Public Service, Inc. which was once the transit, electricity and gas company powering New Orleans.

NOPSI Hotel 1927

NOPSI Building Constructed – Designed by acclaimed Louisiana-based architectural firm Favrot and Livaudais, the nine-story brick headquarters of New Orleans Public Service, Inc.swung open its doors in 1927, welcoming generations of locals who frequented the lobby halls to pay utility bills and purchase trolley car tokens.

NOPSI Hotel 1980

NOPSI Headquarters Relocated – The New Orleans Public Service Inc. ran the city’s electric, gas systems, and public transit systems up until 1980. NOPSI later became Energy New Orleans and moved out of the building at 317 Baronne Street. (Fun fact: manhole covers throughout the city still bear the NOPSI acronym).

NOPSI Hotel 2011

Historic Landmark Declared – In 2011, the building was declared a historic landmark by the Historic District Landmarks Commission, its architecture and design embodying distinguishing characteristics from a bygone era. We’re talking terrazzo floors, original stone-top counters in the lobby where utility customers used to pay their bills, and the ballroom’s 24-foot-high crane and tracks, which were once used to move electrical equipment to storage vaults for repair.

NOPSI Hotel 2017

NOPSI Hotel Opens – New Orleans Public Service, Inc.’s former headquarters at 317 Baronne Street, which stood abandoned for decades, was transformed into the 217-room NOPSI Hotel. Fun fact: the restored landmark was originally designed to have the upper floors illuminated entirely with indirect lighting, giving way to the hotel’s distinctive sweeping windows, high ceilings and stunning natural light.

NOPSI Hotel 2022

A Living Legacy – Fast-forward to present day and the former headquarters of the New Orleans Public Service Inc. continues serving as a powerful symbol of the city’s Jazz Age past while pointing to its possibility-filled future. Reborn as a luxury hotel catering to young, sophisticated travelers, NOPSI New Orleans boasts spacious suites, a rooftop pool and bar, ample indoor and outdoor meeting space,easy access to the action of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and a member of the Historic Hotels of America.

NOPSI New Orleans is living proof that some things get better with age. Our hotel provides modern luxuries while evoking the glamour of the Jazz Age, giving guests the best of both worlds (plus plenty of architectural details to feast their eyes on).

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