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Originally from the American South, Monrowe tells the narrative of an unrestrained jazz artist who invented his own style, performed sax in speakeasies, and lived a life of creative freedom and self-expression.

Dani Evans, his granddaughter and a former model who now makes hats, was inspired by him to develop Monrowe. His headgear would have looked like this: Crowns for the contemporary man and woman reflect his aesthetic.

Solid, well-cut lines. Sounds of yesteryear. Extraordinary finishing touches that can only come from skilled hands. We recognize the value of both daring shapes and traditional ones.

Monrowe is a brand of ready-to-wear headwear for the fearless and free-spirited. The brims are more classic than current, fusing features from the Jazz Age with traditional Western silhouettes and modern touches from the ’40s and ’50s. The new collection is live, and it’s a modern take on a style from another age. So it goes, then.


Monrowe NYC Hats and Candles





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