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LYS Beauty | We Aim To increase variety in the clean beauty market.
Tisha Thompson, the brains behind the clean beauty business LYSTM Beauty, has created skin-loving formulations that expand the concept of beauty to encompass all people. This collection was developed with the modern beauty shopper in mind, and it combines clean formulas, universal shade ranges, and high-performance outcomes from Sephora and Credo brands. LYS Beauty is thrilled to be the first Black-owned Sephora Clean Makeup business, with self-assurance as the driving force and clean beauty as the means.

The Lowdown Lystm

Beauty is unwavering in its commitment to reshaping the way in which people view clean beauty by enforcing stringent formulation standards. LYSTM is committed to a skin-first, multicultural approach to formulation, and its components are designed to bring out the best in all skin tones. When developing new products, LYS always considers the Sephora Clean Beauty criteria.

This Is Why It’s Priceless

This cheap line from Sephora and Credo aims to address common skincare issues like acne, visible age signs, hyperpigmentation, excess oil, and uneven texture and tone for less than $30 per item.

The Variation

Each recipe is thoughtfully crafted to meet your beauty demands while also catering to your every whim, all out of a conviction to honor and include those who are often left out. Each recipe undergoes extensive testing and tweaking until the final product leaves you wanting more. You can rest assured that the company behind this line adheres strictly to vegan principles, uses only natural ingredients, doesn’t test on animals, makes its products easily accessible, and doesn’t skimp on quality when it comes to skincare.

No Animal Abuse

Play worry-free knowing that none of our products have ever been subjected to animal experimentation.
Formulations that are Uber-Clean
The quality of our formulas is never compromised. LYS adheres to the Sephora Clean guidelines. We never use anything that has gluten, talc, fragrance, mineral oil, or SLS in it.


We’re big fans of the vegan lifestyle, so we stock cosmetics and skincare items that are completely cruelty-free.


Create your own individual beauty routine with these versatile items that are designed to highlight your best features rather than hide them.


Products that will break through your fears without breaking the bank.
All skin types, textures, and tones can benefit from the incorporation of skincare products into their formulations.

The Tripod

The symbol for change, the (Delta), is subtly used in a variety of brand touchpoints, from package design to visual aspects. We’re not just changing the dialogue around clean beauty; we also want to show our consumers that they have the power to alter their internal dialogue and their relationship with themselves on a daily basis.

The Setting

In addition to using sustainable packaging and cartons, LYSTM is a proud participant in the sustainability movement. To do our part in saving the environment, LYS is pleased to employ FSC-certified folding cartons and, whenever available, packaging containing glass and tubes made from 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials.

Initial Creator

Tisha Thompson, a former makeup artist turned entrepreneur in the clean beauty sector, founded and serves as CEO of LYSTM Beauty. Thompson has more than 18 years of experience in product development, brand management, marketing, finance, and operations in the clean beauty industry. Tisha, unrelenting in her mission to diversify the beauty industry, created LYSTM as a one-stop shop for cosmetics and skincare that work for a wide range of skin tones and textures and combat issues including hyperpigmentation, black spots, and sensitive skin. Tisha is on a mission to debunk the misconception that clean beauty, extensive shade ranges, and high-performance products are mutually exclusive using ingredients as her weapon and self-assurance as her aim.

In order to fill market gaps in regards to clean products, performance, shade offerings, undertones, and marketing representation, Tisha has spent years studying the beauty consumer generally, but with a focus on people of color. She merges with the lab to the point where she can hear your worries and turn them into solutions that will provide you with the results you want right away and the long-term care your skin requires. Because being stingy with your skin care is unacceptable, and everyone should have access to natural cosmetics. Tisha is naturally inquisitive and eager to make a difference, so she spends a lot of time traveling to different parts of the world to learn about the latest and greatest in the beauty industry and to address consumer concerns.

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