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Epi.Logic Skincare

Brooklyn, NY.

Meet Dr. Jeanniton

Epi.Logic Skincare | As a board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon dedicated to holistic facial refinement, specializing in eye aesthetics, Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton’s work is measured in millimeters, which means there isn’t room for compromise. She created epi.logic skincare with this same obsession with details in mind.

The Logic

In response to patient requests for simple, effective daily skincare that addresses common complexion concerns and maximizes treatment results, Dr. Jeanniton formulated a meticulously edited line of powerful skincare products with essential actives. Ranging from retinol to vitamin C to human growth factors, they are scientifically proven to improve skin in both the long and short term. Relying on industry-leading research and data, she balances these actives with complementary ingredients to amplify their efficacy while neutralizing potential irritants.

As a result, epi.logic products cater to nearly all skin types, including sensitive and post-treatment skin, and are designed to exponentially combine.

epi.logic skincare plays an integral role in the Surface, Shape and StructureTM philosophy that underpins Dr. Jeanniton’s work at Brooklyn Face & Eye. This signature approach to facial rejuvenation conscientiously considers each element of your face to enhance and maintain your natural beauty while aligning with your lifestyle and aesthetic vision.

Epi.Logic Skincare

Epi.Logic Skincare






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