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Cincinnati, OH.

BlaCkOWned™️ | Means Cameron established BlaCk OWned Outerwear in 2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The Brand is an invention that came about as a result of both Cameron’s childhood in “The Hood” of Cincinnati and his time spent studying at a university where the majority of the student body was white. Cameron made the discovery that BlaCkOWnedTM energy is required in all communities across the United States, despite the fact that these towns are at opposite ends of the spectrum. At the crossroads of fashion and racial achievement lies the thriving home of our brand. Through the clothing we create and the stories we tell, it is our goal to raise awareness about Black Ownership while also calling attention to societal injustices.

BOTM was developed as a symbol to show that ownership is a choice we have available to us. In addition, BlaCkOWnedTM serves as a timely reminder that in order for our communities to flourish, we need to devote both our time and resources to fostering their growth. Our clothing is a reflection of the times as well as the struggle of black people for equal rights and opportunities, much as the soundtracks of movies are meant to enhance the mood of the drama they accompany. The BlaCkOWnedTM Lifestyle extends far beyond the realm of Fashion. We have high hopes that if we can inspire brilliance in everyone, it will lead to healthier communities for individuals of all different colors. In our view, a healthy black community is an essential component of a Great America.

When it comes to the majority of brands, the design is the most important aspect, and everything else comes after. The Brand Name is the central concept behind our company, and as a consequence, each item of clothing conveys the same narrative in its own special way. Wear your BlaCkOWnedTM pieces frequently, and wear them with confidence, because in doing so, you will help to empower another person, just as we hope that we have helped you to empower yourself.

-BlaCkOWned refers to something that is resilient and was either produced by or is owned by people of color (BLACK).



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