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ZAAF Collection

Oxon Hill, MD

ZAAF Collection, founded by Abai Schulze, is a globally recognized artisanal brand with prestigious accolades, including features in New York Fashion Week, Vogue, Elle, CNN, and Forbes. The brand has also been honored with the UNESCO Tremplin Prize for Entrepreneurship.

At its core, ZAAF was established with a profound purpose – to foster economic empowerment for African artisans and redefine the notion of global luxury. The company’s vision revolves around leveraging the continent’s inherent strengths and cultural richness to craft exquisite products of unparalleled quality. This approach is considered the most sustainable path to achieving effective economic development.

ZAAF Collection

Presently, ZAAF operates a flagship store at National Harbor, Maryland, alongside a showroom and a proprietary manufacturing facility strategically situated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The brand’s continuous expansion also includes a new location at BWI Marshall Airport, slated to open in late summer 2023. With its manufacturing footprint spanning across the African continent, ZAAF actively cultivates long-term growth opportunities and fosters meaningful partnerships with skilled artisans, thereby amplifying its social impact.

Embracing diverse artisanal communities specializing in various craftsmanship traditions, ZAAF harmoniously blends ancient skills, unconventional indigenous materials, and cutting-edge design and quality standards. A pivotal aspect of Africa’s promising future lies in nurturing and honing the skills already inherent within its people. ZAAF’s driving mission revolves around creating a platform that not only showcases but also preserves these exceptional talents, paving the way for a thriving market for its world-class products that effortlessly rival any luxury brand.

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