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Tres Lunchbox | Creating Inspiring Mealtimes
Our mission is to support parents as they face and embrace life’s most meaningful milestones. Together, we can create a community where everyone feels welcome and valued, and where food may be shared without fear of contamination. We created Tre’s Lunchbox with the intention of addressing the food availability and equality gap and enhancing Black delight among infants, toddlers, and even the occasional adult.

The Lunchtime Partners

As soon as I learned I was going to be a mother, I resolved to provide my child the best opportunities in life. From the start, I made it a priority to feed Tre a healthy, well-rounded food. After considering the vast list of advantages that come from eating well, the decision was easy to make.

When I realized that children’s nutritional needs vary greatly across the lifespan, I set out to learn more about how to best meet their needs. I started getting Tre on a diet that reflected my values by introducing him to minimally processed foods, organic snacks, and homemade baby food. To me, this mattered more than eating. It was all about escaping family lores, rewriting history, and writing our own chapters.

The African American home is not typically a place where good eating is prioritized. Limited resources, such as time and money, have led to the widespread use of fast food and manufactured snacks. For a long time, ease of use has been prioritized. We hope that Tre’s LunchBox can serve as an example of the many healthful alternatives now on the market. For the sake of our children’s health and happiness, we believe it is important for families to be aware of how easy it is to implement positive changes.

At first, I made a social media account for Tre so that far-flung relatives could follow his development. I told you about Tre’s daily schedule and what he ate for each meal. This quickly grew into something far bigger than I had anticipated. The quantity and quality of responses, questions, and comments encouraged me to extend my efforts and provide more. In my neighborhood, it was not common to provide healthy meals to young black males and females. I had to take a break and alter the plot.

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