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Sai Sankoh is a groundbreaking label because of the innovative way it blends modern and retro aesthetics. The collection, aptly titled “Sai Sankoh,” was designed by Sai Sankoh, a well-known entrepreneur and premium fashion consultant, and released on November 12, 2018.

Sai is from Sierra Leone, West Africa, and she finds a lot of her inspiration in the glitz of yesteryear’s fashions. Sai has always had a thing for antiques and rare collectibles. She takes ideas that inspire her and reworks them in her own unique way to create something even more wearable, appealing, and exquisite.

Sai said, “I love adding glamour to something as simple as a basic black dress by emphasizing the woman’s curves.” I spent two years exploring the world in search of the greatest silks and furs, and now I’m ready to debut my own collection.

Sai pays close attention to detail when combining vintage and contemporary looks in her designs. The foundation of the Sai Sankoh label are some of Sai’s most treasured personal garments, with further design inspiration coming from Sai’s native continent of Africa. Sai aimed to provide ordinary women with the same sense of opulence associated with haute couture.

I wanted to make my own world after six years of writing about celebrity fashion, styling clients, and evaluating red carpet fashion, so I worked really hard on my first collection, and I hope you like it. All I ask is that you “be you,” as Sai puts it.

Sai creates clothes that make women feel more attractive, strong, and assured. She hopes that all women will learn to accept themselves and become a part of her ever-growing family.

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