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Pattern Beauty Products | We will support your natural curl pattern by accommodating it. We’ll help you get the most out of the curling iron in your own (or a friend’s) bathroom.

We value your health and want to make sure you can buy our goods with confidence that they won’t harm your hair or your wallet. We pledge to do our part to ensure that your hair is always shiny, full of life, and hydrated.

Positive Patterns

Our goal is to increase the amount of people who talk about, care about, and enjoy their hair. We’d like to rethink the way we describe our cherished curls and inclusive culture. Our feel is entirely organic. This is us. And it looks stunning.

A Child of Desire and Devotion
To paraphrase, “I set out to develop a line of products that encouraged hair to flourish into its full potential.” To quote: Tracee Ellis Ross

PATTERN emphasizes wholesome locks and lets each type of hair flourish in its own way. To find the best components and formulate the best solutions for you and your hair, our chemists scour the world and go through thousands of formulas.

How We See It Let’s show our appreciation for people with all kinds of curls, coils, and tight curls. Our community is beautiful, and we should all embrace, cherish, and celebrate that.

Our hair, may we know it, is resilient.
May we recognize the malleability of our curls.
Thanks be to God, we have a sturdy structure.
May we recognize the wonder in our patterns.

Here’s hoping our hair has the finest possible existence.

Our Reason

PATTERN is an organization that promotes democracy, freedom, and human rights through funding groups that advance the status of women and people of color. We are dedicated to finding innovative approaches to funding groundbreaking activities in this field of expertise.


Every time you shop at Pattern Beauty, 1% of your total goes to a cause of your choosing. Take a look at the results achieved by the Pattern Beauty group.

Pattern Beauty Products

Pattern Beauty Products





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