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Humanrace | At Humanrace, we create life-enhancing tools that are designed to encourage healthy routines and provide benefits to the mind, body, and soul. We are well aware that the things we choose to surround ourselves with have a significant bearing on the degree to which we find it easy to navigate through life. We think that the way our goods make you feel when you use them, wear them, or see them in your house is just as essential as how well they perform their intended job and how well they are made. Because of this, we do not consider a product to be successful until it is both required and useful, in addition to being beautiful.

Our strategy for developing goods of value is founded on the methodical processes of industrial design and is propelled by an obsessive emphasis on materials, development, and handiwork. Because we work in close and direct collaboration with all of our manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to hone the integrity and sustainability of every facet of our goods. Our quality is the consequence of a thousand different choices, and we work hard to guarantee that each and every one of those choices improves not only the product’s functionality but also its durability and personality.

All of this is done with the intention of developing items with the potential to reduce friction, advance your objectives, and secure a permanent place in your life.

Our Moral Compass
At Humanrace, we believe that developing products that contribute to a more fulfilling life requires a commitment to continuously enhancing the manufacturing processes we use. We are committed to the pursuit of higher quality and greater sustainability in everything that we do, and we achieve this by questioning the norms and practices that are prevalent in our industry at every stage of the production process. We take great pride in our accomplishments, and the thought that there are always going to be new frontiers in which we may break new ground keeps us motivated. The trust of our clients is extremely important to us, which is why we are dedicated to maintaining complete openness regarding the products, sources, and manufacturing procedures we use.

Environmental Impact and Product Packaging
When it comes to developing environmentally friendly products and packaging, we take a comprehensive approach. This entails cutting waste wherever it may be, incorporating design interventions that are given careful consideration, and working closely with those who are responsible for the production of our goods. We started by making our bottles out of post-consumer recycled landfill plastic that made up more than 51% of the total, and we got rid of any extra packaging materials. The printing of our recyclable cartons, which have received FSC certification, is done with vegetable dyes that are non-toxic. Because our bottles are intended to be reused, we collaborated with the company that makes them to develop a foil-sealing method. This method removes the need to use more than 1,200 single-use plastic caps every hour in the manufacturing process.

We have reason to suspect that each of these relatively minor adjustments, when added together, provide a cumulative effect that is more than the sum of its parts. Because we are aware that there is always more that can be done, the efforts that have been made so far are just the beginning. We are committed to continually enhancing the sustainability of our business processes and to establishing new benchmarks for the industry.

Our Method of Refilling
We think that refills are revolutionary, which is why we are dedicated to providing refill systems for as many Humanrace Skincare products as we possibly can. This commitment originates from our belief that refills are revolutionary. You may help us contribute to a considerable reduction in the amount of waste caused by single-use plastics and packaging by choosing to refill your skincare items rather than replacing them with new ones. We take great pride in the refilling procedure, and we would like to see it become more widespread throughout our sector.

Our Requirements for the Ingredients
We use only the most powerful naturally occurring and clinically tested components in the formulation of our clean skincare products, which we construct to the highest possible standards of quality and transparency. Our formulations do not contain any of the 1,300 skincare compounds that the European Union has assessed to be potentially harmful. They are also cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and vegan. In order to reduce the likelihood that our customers would experience micro tears, we do not include any parabens, essential oils, mineral oils, or silicones in any of our products. Additionally, we do not include any pebbles, nuts, seeds, or plastic particles in our formulations. Each of our skin care products has been approved by a dermatologist and is suitable for people with varying skin types.







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