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A group of black physicians has opened the first black-owned hospital.

A group of black physicians has opened the first black-owned hospital.

In Chicago’s Hyde Park, a group of Black physicians are collaborating to establish the first Urgent Care Center owned by Blacks.
Premier Health Urgent Care, the first Urgent Care facility on the Southside, aims to provide affordable healthcare to a population in dire need.
“We are pleased to establish a walk-in clinic in Hyde Park because the community requires one. Dr. Reuben C. Rutland remarked, “I see so many urban professionals who either delay or forego care due to time constraints.”

“No one has the time to wait eight hours in the emergency department for a minor ailment, nor the flexibility to wait three weeks for an appointment with their primary care physician. We are here to occupy the void.”
The Urgent Care was founded by Drs. Airron Richardson, Michael A. McGee, and Reuben C. Rutland, a veteran of the United States Navy. Together with former Chicago Bears wide receiver Dr. Gregory Primus, they opened the facility.
Following the conclusion of his football career, Primus became the first Black individual to study orthopedic surgery at the University of Chicago.

Come on in — we’ve reserved you a seat! Our Monday-Friday hours make it simple to receive treatment and return to your busy schedule.
A tweet shared by Premier Health (@premierhealthchicago) at 9:33am PDT on May 9, 2019.
Rutland made it plain that Urgent Care was not meant to replace other forms of healthcare, but rather to fill the void between them.
Dr. Rutland stated, “We are not in competition with doctor’s offices or the emergency room.”
“We are a supplement to both of these facilities, helping to alleviate their burden.”
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Urgent care centers have exploded in popularity in communities across the nation because they offer prompt, same-day care without lengthy waits.
“Once a patient is seen, they are typically treated in less than an hour, making Premier’s walk-in clinic an ideal provider of immediate care when it is required,” the clinic’s proprietors stated in a press release.
Premier accepts most major insurance plans and provides services at a fraction of the price of hospital-affiliated urgent care or emergency rooms.

The center’s proprietors stated in a press release that they will be able to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions. In addition, they intend to donate a portion of the profits to the Project Outreach and Prevention (POP) organization, whose stated mission is “to prevent youth violence in surrounding neighborhoods by providing resources, services, and education to assist adolescents in making better long-term decisions.”
Dr. McGee told Chicago’s Fox 32 that it was difficult and distressing to treat shooting-related injuries, which are prevalent in certain Southside neighborhoods.

“When a child as young as 11 or 10 comes in after being shot, and there’s nothing you can do to save them, and you have to tell their parents and look them in the eye and say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry, your child is dead.'” In an interview with a news station, he stated, “Their parents grab me and tell me to bring them back.”

Dozens of black-owned businesses, including Peach’s Currency Exchange Cafe, Justice of the Pies, and Brown Sugar Bakery, have opened in the Southside over the past year.
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