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The Rad Black Kids

Long Beach, California

The Rad Black Kids epitomize everyone who doesn’t identify with the sweeping generalizations that are made about us. The inspiration for the company came from its founder’s wish to see more people who looked like him participating in action sports. He started up making longboards since he couldn’t afford to buy one, and his training in architecture allowed him to do it. Originally, the Rad Black Kids made longboards with riders in mind by using the highest quality “rider oriented” components available, including trucks, wheels, bearings, and decks that were all voted “rider’s choice” by actual riders. After spending the winters of 2004–2008 snowboarding almost every weekend, life in his little Idaho town during the summer was a chore because there was nothing to do. He couldn’t afford to buy a new board, so he fashioned one out of a 1996 deck that was somehow still rideable.

Six years later, in 2014, the chance presented itself, and The Rad Black Kids was born, delivering women’s purse-inspired, all-weather longboards. As sales of our longboards increased, we at The Rad Black Kids decided to apply the same standards of quality, durability, and endurance to our very first line of clothes in 2015. Each season’s collections were developed with the intention of providing an extensive narrative experience. The founder, originally from Zimbabwe, had the idea that the clothes might share the experiences of Africans all across the world. Each fragment may serve as a “soldier” in the battle to bring down enormous structures.

In addition to improving at story-driven product design, The Rad Black Kids has shifted to sourcing all of its goods from Portugal. The Rad Black Kids are extremely committed to environmental responsibility and lowering carbon footprints. Since our beginning in 2014, we’ve been planting a tree for every product we sell. However, in light of the terrible climate emergency we’ve entered, we’ve upped that number to twenty trees.

The Rad Black Kids

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