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Rock Steady Atlanta | Rock Steady was founded by renowned restaurateur and nightclub owner Joe Russo, who was inspired to bring Atlantians a taste of the West Indies by his time spent living and traveling in the region.

Every time I open a new venue, I hope to unite individuals from different backgrounds and cultures over a shared appreciation of art, cuisine, or other shared interests. My most recent dedication to that goal is Rock Steady.

Owner Joe Russo

The restaurant was founded by Haitian-American photographer and entrepreneur Jacob Thomas, who was also inspired by his love of the arts, traveling, and cooking for his loved ones.

To quote the manager of Rock Steady, “It’s important that we raise the bar with everything we do here, from the service to our thoughtfully curated music selection and menu.”

Principal and Co-Founder Jacob Thomas

Thomas and Russo met while both were employed in Chicago’s special events industry. Over time, they brainstormed a number of different hospitality ideas that would allow them to share their love of music, art, design, and culture with guests in a memorable way.

Rock Steady

 Rock Steady Atlanta

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