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Jésù Ségun

Paris, France

Celebrities, athletes, and even heads of state have been spotted wearing shoes by Jésù Ségun London, a London-based luxury footwear label that has been making waves in the industry since its 2016 launch thanks to its cutting-edge designs and enduring quality.

Jesu Segun London debuted in 2016, and its men’s and women’s collections have since been showcased at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Africa Fashion Week, among other international fashion events, earning a reputation for their bold and luxurious designs that fuse contemporary African colors and textures with traditional Italian craftsmanship. Each pair of shoes is created by hand by skilled artisans after being meticulously developed to guarantee unparalleled comfort, quality, and aesthetic.

Initial Creator

After graduating from Thames Valley University with a degree in music technology, Andrew Mackenzie briefly worked in the music industry before returning to his lifelong interest in fashion and beginning to style close friends and coworkers, which led to the establishment of Jesu Segun London.

Mackenzie had a challenging upbringing due to the fact that she was born in London to Nigerian parents. Mackenzie and his four siblings were reared by a single mother in a Wandsworth council estate throughout the 1990s, which provided a dark backdrop of gang culture and criminality. In 2008, when he was wrongfully convicted of a crime in Italy and given a hefty prison sentence, this was more true than ever. Still full of hope, he joined in a course at the Italian prison to learn how to make and design shoes, where he polished his skills and realized his lifelong desire.

Beginnings A New

With the help of his older sister and mentor, Andrew returned to the United Kingdom penniless but determined to make a go of his shoe company proposal. He settled in Brighton. In the end dissatisfied with the quality he received from manufacturers in the UK and Spain, he set his sights on Italy, where a famous person offered him the chance to make his wedding shoes. Andrew’s firm flourished after this contract was completed successfully, and he remains in close contact with Italian manufacturers based in Vicenza to this day.

Having suffered from Keratoconus in both eyes, which doctors warned may leave him permanently blind and resulted in four corneal transplants, Mackenzie has channeled his passion and talent into a luxury brand that has truly made an impact, showcasing a collection of footwear inspired by the vibrancy and color of African culture, combined with the sophisticated heritage of artisanal Italian shoe-making. Jesu Segun London is a bespoke shoemaker that uses only the finest materials (such as ostrich, snake, python, crocodile, and box calf leather) to craft one-of-a-kind, custom-made shoes for customers with a wide range of foot sizes and shapes.

Visit the website here or watch his BBC interview here to learn more about Andrew Mackenzie and Jesu Segun London.

Jésù Ségun

Jésù Ségun London





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