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A Dozen Cousins | Diverse Foods With Shared Origins Black and Latino culinary traditions from around the Americas serve as the basis for our goods. African, Spanish, and Indigenous peoples have lived and worked together for hundreds of years, giving rise to dozens of distinct cultures while weaving a common thread across the region’s cuisine, art, and music.

Constructed Using Only Premium Materials

Beans, veggies, and nutrient-dense avocado oil are just some of the components we employ, and we never resort to genetically modified organisms or artificial tastes. In order to ensure that we all live long enough to spend time with our grandchildren, we have adopted a diet that is rich in whole foods and low in processed foods.

We Have A Purpose

to encourage people of all socioeconomic levels to improve their diets and thereby their health and longevity. Unfortunately, many individuals require further aid in order to accomplish this. There are significant barriers to leading a healthy lifestyle for Americans living in under-served neighborhoods. This puts them in danger of developing obesity, diabetes, and other diseases related to poor nutrition.

To combat this disturbing trend, our company donates money and time each year to non-profits in the United States that are dedicated to closing the gap between the health outcomes of different socioeconomic groups.Explore Our Purpose and the Difference We Make in the World.

A Dozen Cousins

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