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We Dream In Colour

Salem, MA

We Dream in Colour is a sustainable jewelry line owned and operated by people of color that is self-funded and operates independently. Jade Gedeon, the company’s founder, has been creating distinctive jewelry with vivid hues and luxurious patinas for more than ten years.

In 2011, her sister Mika became Mika’s full-time business partner, and since then, she has been a driving force in cultivating the line and defending the quality of the product and manufacturing process. They’re working together to make wonderful products that will be treasured for years to come, and they value their employees’ happiness more than rapid expansion.

Our company’s factory in Salem, Massachusetts is run entirely by female employees. We try to lessen our influence on the planet in any way we can. Whenever possible, we employ recycled goods and eco-friendly production methods, and we prioritize partnerships with companies who share our commitment to social responsibility.

The line has something for everyone as it reinterprets and modernizes over 700 different styles. Open your jewelry box and relive the excitement of a garage sale find every time you see one of our vintage and antique-inspired pieces; bring the beauty of nature into your everyday with motifs and textures drawn from the natural world; amp up your style with glitzy additions; or find the perfect, wear-with-everything design you won’t want to give up.

Specifics About Their Lives
The sphere of Jade Gedeon’s impact is global. Because of her family’s wandering existence, Jade was able to learn about and experience the customs and traditions of many different countries and cultures. She was born in the USA and grew up in the multi-cultural environment of Trinidad and Tobago before calling Essex, Massachusetts on Boston’s North Shore her permanent home.

Jade received her education at Pratt Institute and Danmarks Designskole in Industrial Design. She won a prestigious painting prize after demonstrating early promise in the visual arts. Since then, she’s published a number of books and shown her artwork in prestigious galleries.

She made the decision in 2002 to use her artistic expertise to make beautiful things. Her work, which emphasizes organic forms and whimsical patterns, is heavily influenced by her extensive travels and her interest in art history. By reinterpreting timeless silhouettes and updating timeless details, these standout garments will keep their user looking fresh from season to season.

We Dream in Colour

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