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Ulo Australia


Ulo Australia | We’re a cutting-edge clothing and interiors label that caters specifically to women.

Using African textiles acquired from our textile partners in Ghana and Nigeria, we develop and manufacture all of our collections in-house.

Ulo means “Home” in Igbo, the language of our founder and executive creative director Dinzi. Ulo’s distinctive line of ready-to-wear and custom clothing and home furnishings draws inspiration from her British-Nigerian heritage as well as her personal interests in fashion, interior design, and craft.

Here at the Shop and Studio
We established our first store in Hawthorn, Melbourne, with great pride in April 2022.

The focus of Ulo has always been on us. The vibrant culture of Nigeria serves as an aesthetic inspiration for our shop. All of our collections are here for you to peruse whenever you like, whether you’re looking for stylish apparel, unique pieces of furniture, or soothing African music to set the mood in your house.

Our design office is conveniently located above our shop. Our goal is to produce works of art that tell a story and promote the value of deliberate manufacturing.

Our bespoke furniture and women’s clothing will be available for private appointments beginning in March 2023. If you’re interested, please sign up for our newsletter. You can also reach out to us by email at

Fabrics for all of our lines come from Ghanaian and Nigerian textile artists and merchants who specialize in African wax prints.

We specialize in two well-known fabrics: Ankara and Adire.

Ankara textile is a colourful cotton fabric with distinctive designs that is printed in small numbers on 6 yard pieces. Abeokuta, South-Western Nigeria, is home to the skilled artisans who hand-print 4 yard pieces of Adire, a starched brocade cotton fabric, specifically for Ulo. After just one cycle in the washing machine, the fabric takes on the airy, comfortable texture of linen.

Ulo’s fabrics are unique and special because of their slight flaws and individual personality. One of the many reasons we prefer small-scale production is that each textile may be treated as an individual work of art.
Because of the time-honored roots of our trade, we can only make a select few new items each month.

Ulo Australia

Ulo Australia





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