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Pretty Healthy

Atlanta, GA

Pretty Healthy | I didn’t think about my health as much as I should’ve in my 20s.  I ate decent foods and drank a lot of water so I thought I was good.  And then… I turned 30 and it’s like someone flipped the switch! Why does pollen hate me so much? Tf are these fibroid demons? Periods are evil! Why is my skin betraying me? I needed answers and though I found a few, I couldn’t find any options that were safe and sourced from companies that held a standard with their ingredients. So instead of continuously asking “Where are they”, I worked tirelessly to find partners that actually give a damn and created them.  

For the first time ever, your vitamins are now your favorite beauty products!  

Beautiful Skin, Immune Support, Less Stress… We Want It, We Need It!

Let’s be real…We all want to feel beautiful, but the journey to beauty actually starts inside and I want women to understand that. We have to care about our health and what goes into our bodies. I wanted a line that women can trust so we only use clean and natural ingredients with names you can recognize.  There’s no compromising with this brand. As women, we really can have it all! We can be pretty and healthy at the same damn time! “

Priscilla Joyce/ Founder 

Pretty Healthy

Pretty Healthy

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