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Body by “O” Tactical

Arlington, Texas.

Body by “O” Tactical | Who do you get when you combine world-class firearms training, superior fitness, elite levels of security, and mental health? You get Body by “O” Tactical, Akofena Academy, Akofena Community Security, and the Tactical Social Worker!

He simply goes by the name “O,” she goes by Tasha, and they’re known for their fitness standards, outstanding physiques, and expertise in all things firearms. Most would call them the total package…popular yet humble. They’ve also developed one of the largest followings of clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

He began this journey over two decades ago in 2001 as a deployment readiness instructor for the United States Air Force. Serving in several conflicts such as Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF), Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Southern Watch, and Operation Horn of Africa, he naturally evolved into a dual platform of combat training and fitness.

He became an instructor in both fitness and firearms 20+ years ago. After separating from the United States Air Force at rank of TSgt in 2008, his primary focus was general fitness, self-defense, firearms defense, and security (executive protection).  In January 2009, he started Body By “O” LLC.

Body By O’s fitness and tactical services meet a wide range of needs ranging from personal training, fitness classes, physical therapy, beginner to advanced firearms classes, and even Elite Security and S.W.A.T. courses. Over the last 4 years per market demands, services expanded. “O” also noticed a critical need for women’s self-defense training along with improve security measures within the community. Understanding his qualifications and experience, he now offers firearms training that covers basic firearms training to combat fitness and firearms defense training for women and those motivated to secure their community…Which led to LaTasha’s introduction as the “Tactical Social Worker”.

Tactical Social Worker offers women’s firearms defense, all levels of weapon readiness, and licensing. O & Tasha’s heart for the community is to ensure they are physically fit, mentally ready and capable to defend themselves and/or their communit

Collectively, they hold certifications as a NRA Firearms Instructors, USCCA firearms instructors and training counselors, Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE) firearms instructors, Texas Department of Public Safety Firearms Instructors, Texas Private Security Instructors, Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), and non clinical social work.

In January 2019, Body By “O” Tactical introduced “Akofena Academy” and “Akofena Community Security” which offers Private security at all levels, the Texas License to Carry (LTC), Private Security Qualifications/Certifications, and other courses to certify members of the community from beginner level, to reoccurring training, to employment throughout Texas, and Tier 1 training and certification for contracted security professionals.

Body by “O” Tactical

Body by "O" Tactical






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