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Art By Abel | Abel R. Jackson III is a conscientious creator who has decided to spend his life working in the field of visual art. In retrospect, the events that transpired in his younger years served to prepare him for this specific undertaking. He spent a significant amount of time as a child coloring and drawing for fun, which contributed to his exceptional ability in the visual arts. Abel did not discover that his passion for visual creativity could be channeled into an effective and meaningful form of self-expression until he took his very first art class during his senior year of high school.

Abel, who at the time went by the name Ronnie, began his studies at Winthrop University in 1994, where he eventually earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. After receiving his diploma, he immediately entered the “rat race” of the business world. Despite this, he was only able to keep his job for a short time until he realized that a career in corporate America was not for him. Abel’s experience of working for another person left him feeling dissatisfied, so he rashly decided to pursue a career as a visual artist instead. Almost instinctually, he went in the direction of airbrushing. Not only did it allow him to earn a career as an artist, but it also allowed him the ability to paint anything on anything he wanted to. Abel put his newly acquired abilities to use by taking a job in an airbrush shop near his home. There, he put in long hours of practice to hone his creative skills and become an expert in the medium he preferred to work in.

Abel launched his business, Art by Abel, in 2011, offering custom airbrush painting and design services. His organization offers creative services and artwork of a highly skilled and professional standard. It is committed to the creation of visually stimulating artwork that is both aesthetically beautiful and intended to spark thought. After 12 years of incredible experiences, Abel continues to push through a wide variety of challenges, each of which contributes to the expansion of his consciousness. Despite the fact that the life of an artist might be challenging at times, he is unwavering in his dedication to his chosen creative path.

Art By Abel

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